Cultural wars

A friend of mine came home to find a Chik-fil-a bag in her fridge. What followed was a screaming argument with her husband, who drove out of his way to support the restaurant. Freedom of speech, he says.  Bigotry, discrimination, she says.  Where does Jesus say anything about who you can love?  St. Paul, he says.  Uh-huh, she says, tell me where Jesus says anything except to love your brothers and sisters?  It’s a choice, he says. Since when? she says.  It’s not scientifically proven you’re born homosexual, it’s a lifestyle choice, he says. Yeah, she says, like anyone would choose to live a life where they’d be discriminated against and subjected to abuse by bigots. And how many people have  you known were gay since they were children? Tell me that’s a choice.

They are now not speaking.

Me, I wonder if this is God’s way of killing off the bigots slowly. Give them Chik-fil-a (I’ve never even seen a restaurant, being from the north and all … ) and let their arteries harden and the fat congeal and obesity set in and all the attendent health issues … slow death. How many heart attacks will arise from this national day of sticking up for bigots?

On another note, your religious freedom does not mean you get to tell me what I can do with my body, nor does it mean you get to make health decisions for me.  You can practice your religion anyway you want: but since I don’t share your religion, I don’t have to follow your rules, and you don’t get to judge me for that. My religious freedom means freedom from your religion.

Notice that fundamentalist religions all share one thing: a need to make women second-class citizens? Even though Jesus went out of his way to celebrate the oppressed, including women, his followers couldn’t handle that basic celebration: that all are worthy and created equal.

I’m not good at arguing the Bible: I’m by no means a religious scholar, and at this point in my life I don’t particularly want to be.  However, I’m just not comfortable with extremists of any stripe, nor am I comfortable with people who argue for discrimation and hatred based on any kind of religion: it’s not there in the texts.  Don’t use God to justify your own fears.

One last thought: I had no idea that Republican (conservative) men disliked sex so much. I knew the Catholic Church was hung up on it — odd, for people who pretend to practice celibacy, that the priests should spend so much of their time attempting to regulate how other people have sex — but I had no idea that this was widespread among Republican men. They don’t want gays to have sex, they don’t want women to have sex: it doesn’t give me a good impression of their expertise in the sexual arena. They seem very confused and uptight.  What is that about? If I can’t have sex, you can’t either? Really? Dudes. Get over yourselves.


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