On chicken soup, lakes, milfoil, illness, and the Republican obsession with women’s bodies

A few words from vacation:

Today the cold I’ve been fighting for a week finally caught up with me.  I feel pretty ghastly.  I took it easy: read my book (which is damn good — and given my weak state, has already made me cry several times in the first 100 pages of a 600+ page book …), looked at the lake, and took naps. Fortunately, my sister-in-law very nicely made dinner — and homemade chicken soup at that: what could be nicer? My sister-in-law is a very good cook, so that means we’ve eaten well two nights in a row.  Vermont is the place for really good locavore food: my father takes great joy in procuring really good food from local sources as much as possible.  Give wonderful ingredients to a great cook and the result is too die for.

Watching the lake: the lake is gorgeous, wind on water, sun on water,  ever-changing and fascinating.  There are 3-4 female mallards that nap on the dock every morning: they show up hopefully when we go down to the dock as well, hoping to talk us out of bread crusts … but we don’t feed the ducks. We’ve seen loons diving in the water, but not up close yet: we hear them talking to each other, and when they call back and forth it does have a bit of a siren sound to it.

Watched the guys working to de-nude the lake of milfoil: an invasive plant that is taking over waterways in New England. The preferred method up here seems to be hand-harvesting … they travel the lake in a pontoon boat with a motorboat attached, and have a string of floaters out behind them to prevent the divers from getting run over by motorboats.  We watched them five years ago on this lake, and they continue their efforts: apparently the town raises money with bingo games every summer to fund the milfoil eradication.

I don’t mind the motors of the guys working on milfoil eradication: they’re pretty inoffensive. I don’t understand at all the people who come to such a pretty, quiet lake and decide a motor is exactly what it needs — I do not understand the appeal of jetskis, or even waterskiing with a loud motor: ugh.  The opposite of relaxing, designed to increase tension and noise.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow so I can resume activities in and on the lake; want to swim, want to kayak some more.  Have failed in my goal to do yoga every day:  just not well enough today.

Can the Republican Party please shut up now? I’m trying to be on vacation here, and they keep talking about things they clearly know nothing about and are just idiots about. How offensive can you get? Really?  Rape is rape, sirs, and it’s all ‘legitimate’ — and yes, women get pregnant from it. Can someone sit down the entire Republican Party and explain biology to them? Is it too much to ask that they pay a reasonable amount of attention before they open their big fat mouths to stick their foots in?  Can we transport them all back to the 15th Century where they belong?  Honestly, I expect them to start frothing at the mouth and scream “She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!”  That is, unfortunately, exactly where we are heading … if someone doesn’t stop them.  And who will that be?

I hate to wish bad things on people, but honestly: they need to go through some of these experiences so they stop being so ignorant about them.  I’ve said before I never quite realized how little Republican men like to have sex — apparently, they don’t like to have sex with women, at least, since they are so anti-birth control — but the entire party seems completely insane when it comes to sex, women’s sexuality, and men.  Rape is not sex. Rape is violence.  The Republicans seem a little freaked out by the whole concept of women controlling their bodies in any way, even to the point of being able to say “no” when it comes to having sex.  And having sinned by being raped, of course she should have to carry her rapists’ baby to term: it’s only fair.  Pregnancy is so healthy and good for women, after all — women have such an easy time being pregnant and giving birth, which is why none should object.  (And we won’t even start on the Republican Party’s assault on aid to women and children: they may care about the fetus, but they surely don’t care about healthy babies, healthy children, or healthy moms: we simply can’t afford the programs that provide that aid ….)

Lunatics.  Just stop talking already: I’m trying to have a pleasant vacation here, and I can’t be bothered with this nonsense.  Unfortunately, I think their bad ideas are like the milfoil — in need of constant eradication efforts.


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