San Jose Day 1

Made it to San Jose for Netroots Nation.  Wickedly happy to be on an adventure, out of Chicago, and somewhere I’ve never been before.

So far, I’ve chatted with Jim Dean (he’s sitting across from me now on his computer), seen Markos in the lobby, and met a Flordia State legislator. I’ll have to look her up at some point 🙂  Oh, and Meteor Blades was checking in at the same time I was (no, I did not introduce myself as a fan — there will be enough fangirldom as the convention progresses).  And Howard Dean just walked by.  Really, the lobby of the Marriott.  is the place to be.

Did go outside for a brief walk: gorgeous weather here.

My roommate has not arrived: he had flight issues. Hope he makes it. Stand by is not a good way to travel.

Tonight, meet the scholars with DFA, followed by Liquid Courage with Howard Dean.  And it begins.



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