Netroots Nation Day 2 (one day later)

So, yesterday was a bit difficult for me — was over-tired, a bit sick, and just wanted to lie and sleep. Not  particularly productive for getting stuff done.

That said, I did see Lizz Winstead and Joan Walsh talk about their books – and about politics in the US now — that was terrific. Wish I could afford to buy Joan’s book … but there it is. Maybe on the Kindle at some point.

Went to the panel on “Mansplaining” but had to leave early as i felt awful.

Saw Howard Dean and Barney Frank talk about the Pentagon Budget — Barney is a joy to hear. We could cut the Pentagon budget by25% and still be the most advanced military in the world — and he says about new planes (can’t remember which ones) — who are we going to use them against? The Chinese just bought an aircraft carrier from the Ukraine — it’s not like they’re up on air defense. The second most powerful air force in the world — second to our US Air Force — is run by the US Navy. So ….

Fangirld geekdom: Saw Marcy Wheeler in the hallway, Saw Howard Dean and Barney Frank twice (and was close enough to touch Barney in the Daily Kos lounge when we were all milling about hoping for food), and really too many to count.

Ended the day going to the keynote speaches …. again, too many to count. Elon James White was the host: the man is funny. Terrific. Howard, Barney, Sandra Fluke, Jeff Merkely — highlights. Also, a San Jose city councilor, Congressman Mike Honda, and many others … video from the President and Elizabeth Warren.

Blew off Laughing Liberally — wanted to go, but was much too tired.



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