Netroots Nation Friday

Friday was long long and busy.

Started by going to the “Morning Dump” with Lizz Winstead, Shannon Moore (the blogger from Alaska who Sarah Palin hates …), Joan Walsh, Cliff Schetcher, Tracy Weitz.The Dump was all about abortion access restrictions, and what that does to women. Tracy Weitz has done a fair bit of research on what happens to women who are denied abortions — who by time they make it to a clinic are just outside the legal gestation period. And it turns out that yes, they love their kids, but they are significantly poorer than the women who got abortions.  So restrictions on abortion are a good way to keep women in poverty: that’s the outcome.

OK, I keep trying to write a synopsis of the days events — at which I took copious notes — but I keep chatting with people instead. Which is the best part of the conference: chatting with folks. More interesting people here than can be believed, both the ones who are famous — or famous in the left-wing blog world — and the folks who are activists.

More blogging when I have a chance. Right now, I’m just giving up and saying it’s been fun, learning a lot, meeting people, seeing a lot of great folks.



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