Lake house blogging

Some observations from vacation ….

One, nearly two weeks into vacation, and I am still having anxiety dreams. Dreams which portend of anxieties of my daily life back home, dreams which have to do with things I’d really rather not think about on vacation, work dreams, driving dreams, and so forth. Now as I write this, I can’t remember details, but I’m frequently waking up slightly annoyed. The good dreams never last, never get to the good parts … but the anxiety dreams go on and on and don’t resolve themselves. What is that about? Enough already. Maybe I’m getting too much sleep? Really, if that’s true … well, then, you can’t win.

Second, it’s gorgeous here. One slight quibble, from a week first in the suburbs and then in the country … what is it with these folks and motors? Honestly, lovely, relaxing, country, and someone is always running a lawnmower … how relaxing is that? And on the lake, do people content themselves with nice quiet boats like kayaks and sailboats and paddle boats and the occasionally pontoon boat? No. On the weekends especially, jetskis and motorboats that race up and down the little lake, sometimes pulling people behind them on skis or floats … ugh. Too loud.  And the Mama Loon doesn’t like the motors either. She yells at them a lot.

There’s a loon pair here, with a baby. They’re nesting across the lake, the baby is learning to swim but doesn’t dive much yet. The Mama Loon goes frantic trying to warn off the motor boats and jetskis. She doesn’t like them at all.  She had a good day yesterday when it was too cold and windy for the power boats to be out.  The photo below was taken by my kid as we were kayaking past the pair: Mama and baby.  She was not best pleased with us, though she didn’t seem to mind having her picture taken …. as long as we didn’t get too close or appear to be chasing them …



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