Sent mail: Not one more

“Not one more”

Well,  because I’m a little more verbose than that, that was the subject line.  Wrote emails to Sens. Kirk and Durbin: enough already, not one more death from gun violence.

It’s time for a sensible gun policy in this country. It’s time to adhere to the “well-regulated” part of the second amendment.

It’s time to recognize that the second amendment was a state’s rights issue: i.e., that the state had the right to have it’s own militia. Why did the state need to have it’s own militia? To hunt runaway slaves. That’s why Patrick Henry argued for the change in the language of the second amendment. As the largest slaveowner in Virginia, he was concerned that if John Adams were elected president, Adams wouldn’t fund the state militias to hunt slaves (which was probably a valid concern).

The second amendment should have been retired with the Civil War.

Anyone who argues that it’s about individual freedom is an idiot (yes, I’m looking at you, Justice Scalia). And anyone who thinks it will protect them against an over-reaching government deserves a drone strike.

Too many people are being killed because of the gun fetishists in this country.  And the blame lies squarely with the NRA.


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