Random thoughts

1) Now that Shinseki has resigned, will the Republicans fund the VA at an adequate level? After all, what do long wait times really mean? Lack of staffing, wouldn’t you think? Heavy patient loads, and a lack of adequate staff to handle it?

2) Why is there such a demand for VA services? Did that have anything with the two wars the last administration started, with inadequate provision for funding the returning veterans?

3) If the Democratic Party ever wants me to donate, they should stop sending multiple alarmist emails a day. Enough already.  Plus, emails with highlighting is just ugly.

4) Also, they should stop telling me how terrible the Republicans are (I know that) and start talking about their plans, their goals, what they’ll do — and maybe telling me how terrible the Republicans are would work better if that wasn’t the subject of ALL their emails.

5) My ex-husband got married yesterday.  A few people were shocked that I was at the wedding … but why?  I don’t get it: we’ve always remained friendly, and I am happy to see him happy.  Family is family.  And his dog gets along beautifully with my cat.

6) Kids are ever amazing.

7) Apparently, I’m supposed to watch the entire first season of Pushing Daisies today, and put in my porch garden. I’d better stop taking naps and get down to it.


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