Returning to blogging

I haven’t blogged in since 2014.  Why?

Well, there was a fire in my condo building – that was pretty disruptive of my life for a time. (I was fine.  Everyone got out relatively safely – the woman who started the fire was slightly injured, but we all lived. My unit was fine until the derecho two days later which took out the ceiling and walls of my kitchen: it is still not fully recovered, due to incompetent contractors and lack of time on my part).

My boyfriend moved in.  Boyfriends are distracting. Good, but distracting.

One of my best friends got cancer. Cancer sucks. We took care of her dog while she had treatment.  The cancer is beaten back, but she’s now disabled (neurological cancer is not kind). The dog was old, and finally he too developed a neurology. Fortunately, his mom was out of the hospital and back in her own place at the end, so she got to be with him.

So: been busy having a life, campaigning, dipping toes back into the theater world, having a teenager, taking care of folks, trying to save the world.

Why am I back?

Because the world has gotten overwhelming. This blog is not going to save it. But it is a place for me to talk about it. And complain. And vent. And think about joy.

Intermittent blogging to resume.


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