Spent my Valentine’s Day dinner eating in a Yemeni restaurant, prompted by two things: one, there was an article in a Chicago paper (The Reader) about eating in restaurants that wouldn’t exist if not for immigrants from banned countries; and two, the restaurant we were aiming for was closed on Tuesdays (who knew? That restaurant is a Korean BBQ run by a Japanese family — so we weren’t avoiding immigrants with our first choice either).

The restaurant turned out to be delightful. The food was excellent, the Yemeni tea (with milk!) was delicious, and the people were very friendly and helpful. We were the only people eating in — they seemed a little perplexed that we weren’t doing take-out — and we had a lovely time.

Speaking of being banned, there is a website that tracks the stories of banned scientists. One of the unintended consequences of the immigration ban will be to universities: smart people, even from countries that aren’t banned, won’t come here to study – and that creates a loss for us, both economically and with the drain of brains away from the United States.

Whose next? Comedians? Journalists?

Will our culture and our economy survive? How do “business leaders” justify supporting the rank incompetence in the White House? It’s terrible business.


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