And I’m not even talking about politics

Some days it all seems like a bit much.

When it doesn’t seem possible to make one’s step count.

When your ankles hurt.

When you didn’t sleep well last night.

When your diet isn’t as pristine and perfect as you would wish, and the desire to eat right, eat sustainably, ea healthy, and shed pounds is a constant reminder of imperfection.

When the next thing on your list is either cleaning the cat box – or paying bills. Hmm: which to do?

When it’s your only brother’s birthday, and you have not gotten him a gift or wished him a happy birthday as of yet.

When you are worried about the kid, and what happens next.

When your blog post won’t save and won’t post, and won’t tell you why …

When the weather sucks, with that cold rain and snow vibe.  Well, it’s March, what did you expect? Except we didn’t really get February, what with that whole global warming thing – so it feels a bit depressing that we’re getting the blah of March.

And you try to be grateful about not driving to work today, and having a nice warm house, and an evening of precious alone time to oneself: to eat for just oneself, to read, perchance to watch just what you want without reference to others desires and needs ….

And still … blah. Blah.

Tomorrow is another day. Right?


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