No, we don’t automatically support war

Read so much about how Trump’s ratings would go up now that he’s fired missiles at Syria.

Despite the fact that a large portion of the American people are tired of war in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that he campaigned against getting involved in Syria, criticized Obama for thinking about missile strikes in Syria, and many people thought he was less likely to start a Middle East war than Hillary.

Despite the fact that the Syrians were using the bombed airfield again the next day (memo to Trump: you could use some lessons from Mayor Richard M. Daley on how to take out an airfield in the middle of the night and leave it un-usable ever again).

Despite the fact that bombing an airfield didn’t actually help gassed children, and that the causalities of the bombing were mostly civilian.

Despite the fact that two things happened in the immediate aftermath of the war: Raytheon stocks went up, and so did oil prices.

Despite the fact Trump owns stock in Raytheon and rising oil prices help the Russians. (Memo to the press: everything else is just theater.  Learn to recognize theater when you see it: concentrate on the concrete end-results.  Prices went up on what? Who benefits?)

So we’re all suppose to rally around a “war president?” Really? When it was so transparent most Americans can see through the charade (even if Washington-based pundits can’t)?

I got news for you: bombs don’t help gassed children.  Bombs don’t help a refugee crisis. Bombs aren’t going to stop the humanitarian disaster there.

Bombs are not a humanitarian response to anything. They don’t work that way. In fact, they are the opposite of humanitarian aid.

So no: not distracted. Not impressed. Not my president, not my war.

Can we allow Syrian refugees to come in, now? Re-settle them, give them food and water and shelter and medical attention? And jobs? That would actually help.



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