Stupidity: it’s not an excuse

Between Trump ham-fisting his way through his first foreign trip while in office, and now the revelations about Jared Kushner, my thoughts about both of them boil down to this: rich white boy privilege.

Both Trump and Jared are the epitome of guys who never had to really work for anything, as they were born rich, white, male, and entitled. Both think that they are smarter than they really are, mistaking being in the lucky gene pool for cleverness. Both are completely out of their depth in Washington where the big boys play. And both look pretty stupid when the spotlight is actually shining on them, instead of the fawning they are used to receiving. They’ve been built up by sycophants until they believed their own hype. They are dangerously out of their league.

With Trump, you have the added feature of incipient dementia. It’s becoming so obvious on the world stage, someone in his inner circle ought to be planning a way to ease him into retirement before he wrecks everything — including the family fortunes. But people won’t, because they see their status and position tied to his. But when the ship goes down, it will take them with it.

Already, it’s looking like if you took a position in the Trump administration you’re looking like you just killed your resume. The lack of judgment involved in accepting a position in what is by all accounts a chaotic and unproductive environment is so monumental you shouldn’t be allowed to have any position with any authority ever again.

Stupidity is not an excuse. It’s not defensible when charged in court  – “but your honor, I didn’t know that killing someone who annoyed me is a crime!” – not an excuse.  “But your honor, selling the US out to the Russians, it was just business!” – also not an excuse.

Nor is feeling that you are so right on the issues that you can excuse anything anyone in your party does.

Hubris is the modern American failing, and it could kill us all.



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