It’s hard

Roger Ailes died. That’s the best thing from last week.  And I’m glad he died from complications of a head injury — it sets up a nice fantasy that someone in his inner circle actually pushed him, and is relieved at the success of that push (the medical examiner says there is no evidence of foul play, btw — if you need reality to intrude on the fantasy). It’s just so easy to believe he was as obnoxious at home as he was in the world, and someone got tired of him being at home after he left his working life at Fox … but it’s just believable because he did so much damage to the United States through Fox News, and he was so awful, sexist, and harassing to the women there.  A lech is a lech is a bully is an entitled person of privilege , and it’s hard to believe that anyone who had to put up with him on a regular basis actually wanted to be in the same room with him who wasn’t paid highly to be there ….

And Joe Lieberman for FBI director? Oh please. There’s another awful person who should never be let near a position of power again. Sanctimonious, hypocritical, whiny, cowardly — ugh. When Ned Lamont beat him, and national Dems went to bat for him in the general election — I never understood that. We nearly got rid of one of the worst Democrats ever, and they rallied and raised money and campaigned for him (I’m looking at you, Sen. Obama!). And that came back to bite them, as he was one of the wavering “independents” when they needed votes to enact good legislation … and maybe that was the point, but it just enraged the activist base who pays attention to such things.  We don’t have medicare-for-all, or even medicare for those over 55, because of him. Loser-man.

And Trump goes off to Saudi Arabia to make nice with the country whose nationals did actually bomb us on 9/11 — as every other administration before him.  Blech.

Every day a new outrage. And when I say “a” new outrage, I mean at least one, if not two or three.  And Republicans can’t understand how Democrats can think James Comey was problematic at best and still be upset that he got fired in the middle of an investigation that was reaching into the administration — no, that’s not hypocritical, that’s understanding you can disagree with someone strenuously and still not approve of him losing his job …

Sometimes beating these F*ckers at the polls feels like it is taking too long.  2018 better deliver. And the Dems have got to stop being patsies for these guys (and there is some evidence that they’re trying to grow a backbone, but there’s also regretable moments of backsliding sometimes — I’m looking at you, Nancy Pelosi, and I am not pleased that you don’t think women’s reproductive health should be a litmus test for Democratic candidates: YES! It’s that important these days. Times have changed: we’ve gotten nothing from being embracing of other’s views — just backsliding on rights. Forget it. Done. Repeal Hyde Now.).

These people. Enough already.